Rolling Thunder 2002
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Rolling Thunder 2002

Myself, Trudy, Randy, Joe, TC, Martin, Karen, Ron, and Cindy traveled down to George and Lisa's house for Memorial weekend  to attend Rolling Thunder 2002.  All but Ron, Cindy, and Trudy went last year as well.  Randy's wife, Chris taught that day and then flew down that Friday evening.

We had a great time staying at George and Lisa's.  I did not know if I wanted to bring Trudy down since she would see all of the things that George has done to his house and would add to my list but I took the chance and all was well.  If you saw his house, you would understand.  Much beer, Tequila, wine coolers and other alcoholic beverages were consumed.  We swam, ate, ate some more, played pool and Karen even played on her guitar and the women had a little jam session.  All in all a great time.

On Saturday, we went down to Washington and went to Thunder Alley and the war memorials.   One site that I will remember is George leading us down the beltway on his Honda Helix scooter with 7 Valkyries following him.  It sort of looked like we were chasing him.  Now that George has a Valkyrie Interstate, I don't think this scene will be repeated, however.

On Sunday all except Randy, Ron, and Cindy went to the Pentagon parking lot and participated in the parade.  Randy, Ron, and Cindy decided to watch the parade instead.  We were a little later getting to the Pentagon this year so we were further back in the parade than last, but this year we knew what to expect so we wandered around looking at the bikes and people and then found some shade to relax under.

The parade ride was cool but then we had a tough time rejoining the others to make our way back to George's place.  We finally did, however, and got back just before a major thunderstorm arrived.  We had not gotten wet this year as of this point.

On Monday, we packed up and set out for home.  The weather report was calling for thunderstorms to our north but we might have been able to miss them.  No such luck but we hit only about 30 minutes of downpour.  Chris said its because I wished it on us so that she would have to ride in the rain for once.  Not really but I could have.  The rest of the trip home was uneventful, with just a little shower or two nearing Connecticut.

All made it home safely and Rolling Thunder Trip 2 was a great success.  The only downside was that I lost my Nikon Coolpix 775 digital camera.  I was pretty upset but on a chance I called George and asked if they had seen it at there house.  Later that evening, George called back and asked if I wanted to buy a nice digital camera that he found.  Wise ass.  This made my day, however.

Here for some pictures and short movie clips of the trip.


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