Nova Scotia
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Nova Scotia Trip Route

Our Trip to Nova Scotia on July 20, 2002

Initial Planning

Trudy and I are planning on taking a Valkyrie road trip to Nova Scotia on Saturday July 20, 2002 and coming home on July 28, 2002.  Nine days to explore the mainland, Cape Breton Island, and probably a couple of days in Prince Edward Island. 

The planning for the trip has just began.  We had lunch today with Chris Worth (Holmes) to get some pointers, ideas, and opinions on our route, where to stay, and what to do.  Here's the official planning meeting:

Our initial plan is to leave Saturday, July 20 and head up to Bar Harbor, ME.  We will spend the night here and then take The Cat high speed ferry over to Yarmouth, NS.  Holmes is tentatively planning on riding up with us to Bar Harbor and then spending the weekend in the Arcadia National Park.

Next we planned the initial route.