Clutch Repair
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Repairing The Clutch

The clutch on the Valk became sick on Sunday July 13'th.  Unfortunately we were supposed to be leaving for Nova Scotia on Saturday the 20'th.  I called around and pleaded with dealers to try to get the Valk in for what I was sure would be warrantee service, but no one would or could help.  I was resigned that we would not be able to make the trip and planed on canceling. 

The Rabbai called that night and offered to lend us his bike for the trip and we accepted.  The more that I thought about it, looked at the service manual, and researched the VRCC tech board and notice others with similar things, I decided to see if I could get the suspected parts ordered and in over night.  I called Libby's in New Haven and they ordered a clutch damper plate for me.

Clue, Holmes, Rabbai, Botman, and Ed Norton showed up tonight the 16'th and we proceeded to pull the clutch out.  With the help of all of these guys we got the clutch out and this is what we found:  rivets and metal debris and a destroyed clutch damper plate. Here are pictures of the disassembly.